Water Districts (Special Secretariat for Water )
  This dataset is translated from Greek (EL) to English (EN). The original version is here.

Publication: 2015-08-16
Last revision: 2015-11-04

This dataset contains the 14 Water Districts (River Basin Areas) of the country, in accordance with the National Water Commission's Decision of 16 July, 2010, (Government Gazette, Series II, No 1383, 2.9.10 and Government Gazette, Series II, No 1572, 28.9.10, amending Annex II of previous Gazette) (ΦΕΚ 1383/B/2-9-10 and ΦΕΚ 1572/Β/28-9-10). The data are derived from the thematic layer of water districts in the database of the Hydroscope (http://www.hydroscope.gr/) and were created under Community Directive on water (2000/60/EC). Polygons covering areas outside Greece have been removed from these data and a generalisation of polygons of water basins was obtained by performing the geographic action 'Dissolve' and by using the 'eu_cd' field as 'Dissolve field'. The boundaries of the water districts were checked so that they coincide topologically with the land borders of the country and the coastline of Greece. The land borders are derived from the digitisation of HMGS slides of a 1: 50,000 scale, which was performed in 1998. The coastline is derived from data from the Hellenic Navy Hydrographic Service (these data were transformed from ED50 reference system to GGRS87) and from the Land Registry and Mapping Agency of Greece. Furthermore, the data were checked so that they coincide with the Water Basins (Special Secretariat for Water) dataset.

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