National Network for the Monitoring of water status – River Monitoring Stations
  This dataset is translated from Greek (EL) to English (EN). The original version is here.

Publication: 2015-08-16
Last revision: 2015-11-04

This dataset contains the locations of the stations for monitoring the qualitative and quantitative status of rivers, as defined in JMD 140384/2011 ʻEstablishment of a National Network for the Monitoring of the quality and quantity of water by defining the locations (stations) for measuring and of the bodies required for their operation, in accordance with Article 4(4) of Greek Law 3199/2003 (Α 280)ʼ (Government Gazette, Series II, No 2017, 9.9.2011) (ΦΕΚ 2017/Β/9-9-2011).

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