Correspondence of the pre-Kapodistrian Local Authorities (LAs) with the Local Authorities (LAs) of the ʻKapodistriasʼ plan and with municipalities of the ʻKallikratisʼ programme.
  This dataset is translated from Greek (EL) to English (EN). The original version is here.

Publication: 2015-08-16
Last revision: 2015-08-17

This dataset contains the correspondence tables of the pre-Kapodistrian Local Authorities (LAs) of Greece with: - geographical units of the ʻKapodistriasʼ plan – communities and municipalities - prefectures - regions - geographical units of the ʻKallikratisʼ programme. - municipal units - municipalities - municipal seats - regional units – regions. The codes for the geographical units conform to the standard of the former Ministry of Interior (YPESAID).

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