9 datasets found

  • Boundaries of the Local Authorities (LAs) [EL]

    The boundaries of the Local Authorities (LAs) of the country as used by EL.STAT., for census purposes
  • Population Census 1991 [EL]

    De facto population, surface, population density and weighted average of the altitudes of Municipalities and Communities of the NSSG census of 1991
  • Economically active population [EL]

    Census data on the economically active and inactive population of the country by sex and age groups for the NSSG censuses of the years 1991 and 2001.
  • Business Register [EL]

    Number of businesses by municipality in the entire country, in two-digit analysis STAKOD08 (Statistical Classification of the Sectors of Economic Activity)
  • The Population of Greece [EL]

    Census data on the population of Greece by sex and age groups for the NSSG censuses of 1991 and 2001.
  • Population Census 2001 [EL]

    De facto population, surface and population density with distinction into urban and rural areas, as well as into level, semi-mountainous and mountainous areas of the NSSG census...
  • Marriages, births, and deaths [EL]

    Marriages, live births, and deaths in Greece for the years 2000 to 2007 inclusive, by permanent place of residence and by place of occurence
  • Building Activity [EL]

    Building activity for the years 2000 to 2008 inclusive. New constructions, additions, number of dwellings and the types of building permits according to CAA, Prefecture,...
  • Land Use (1999-2000) [EL]

    Distribution of the land area of Greece into the basic categories of land use/cover according to CAA, Prefecture, Municipality or Community