If you are a developer and are interested in using the data offered by there are several APIs you can use!

  • Metadata API: You can query the catalogue in a programmatically friendly way at You can find more details on the CKAN API capabilities.
  • CSW API: You can also query the catalogue in the OGC standardized Catalogue Service for the Web (CSW) format for geospatial data at, or find detailed information on the CSW features.
  • Data API: To make simple or complex queries to data you can invoke the Data API directly and embed it in any application your are developing. For more information and real examples, see the demo page.
  • Mapping API: To embed an interactive map with data on your website, or in any web/mobile application, you can use the provided Mapping API. For more details and examples, you can check out our demo page.

Also, if you are interested in contributing to the project, all our code is open source and available on GitHub!

If you find any bugs or issues, please open a new issue on GitHub.